June Healthy Living: Let's Get Outdoors

June 4, 2019

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It's National Great Outdoors Month in the U.S. and there's lots of ways you can participate from simply getting out and playing or taking part in trail clean-ups or other outdoor stewardship activities. A great place to start is by visiting greatoutdoorsmonth.org and learning about the benefits of outdoors below.

Being outside can improve memory, fight depression, and lower blood pressure — here are 12 science-backed reasons to spend more time outdoor

 By Kevin Loria, Business Insider

Many people spend workdays indoors under fluorescent lights and in front of computers, then return home to bask in the glow of television screens.But research suggests it's important to make time to get outdoors as well, since doing so is beneficial — maybe essential — for human health. Psychologists and health researchers are finding more and more science-backed reasons we should go outside and enjoy the natural world. 


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How Playing Outside Impacts Your Well-Being

By Craig Childs, TED

Does getting away from human artifacts affect our brains? In this surprising talk, Craig Childs connects our decision-making abilities and sense of well-being with the power of playing outside.



Why Bother Leaving the House?

By Ben Saunders, TED

Explorer Ben Saunders wants you to go outside! Not because it’s always pleasant and happy, but because that’s where the meat of life is, “the juice that we can suck out of our hours and days.” Saunders’ next outdoor excursion? To try to be the first in the world to walk from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole and back again.


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