Plus3 Launches Organizational Wellbeing Scores & Dynamic Client Reports

Today, Plus3 is thrilled to announce a new dynamic, customizable employee engagement analytics platform. Our game-changing  Wellbeing Report is loaded with deep data that is easily digested in smaller bites through client controlled filters and views. A quick glance at the Dashboard provides company leaders a clear, concise snapshot of program performance and trends that combine to create each company's unique Wellbeing Score


In addition to overall company performance, the Wellbeing Report offers localized views for departments, regions, offices and teams. Wellbeing Balance, health challenges, leaderboards, and more can be sorted globally or locally.


Additional views offer valuable insights on awareness and attention to Plus3's five Wellbeing Balance anchors: fitness and movement, nutrition and sleep, clinical health, emotional wellbeing, and financial wellbeing.


Plus3 can pipe in additional company and/or third-party data to measure cultural improvement and business performance. Blending in employee absenteeism, workforce churn, medical and workman's comp claims are examples of how Plus3 can help our clients focus on their unique challenges and measure what is and isn't working for both its employees and the company.   


Our new wellbeing reports and scores are the perfect bookend for our new, robust mobile app user experience. Plus3 is delivering healthy, meaningful fun to employees and families; and healthy, meaningful value to our clients.


To learn more, contact Plus3 today.





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