Plus3 featured as Health Promotion Innovator

December 1, 2016


"Everyone loves big thinkers with cool ideas. But what separates innovators from idea people is their capacity to execute. Hubert Humphrey said “The purpose of life is action.” What most impresses me about innovators is their tireless devotion to seeing their ideas adopted." ~ Paul Terry, editor 


Paul went on to write:

At Plus3, the key idea was to lift user engagement in a simple, powerful, and heartfelt new way by linking any company’s charitable donations to the healthy activities of every employee and even their family members. Plus3’s approach combines the emotionally fulfilling intrinsic motivation of charitable giving with the best aspects of extrinsic drivers such as friendly competition, personal rewards, and public recognition. Plus3 makes people feel good about the healthy choices they make. Participation in Plus3 well-being is viewed as an opportunity to do good things “for me and others” rather than an obligation to “get healthy.”


Read the complete article here, including more about the other companies featured. Download the PDF here.

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