Plus3: a diaTribe Foundation Bright Spot

October 10, 2017


In 2016, the diaTribe Foundation convened a expert panel to uncover what's new and determine what's working to reverse the onslaught of Type 2 Diabetes. The diaTribe Foundation's 2017 Anthology of Bright Spots, released in October, is the culmination of their efforts with Plus3 being named a Prime Performer. 


"Workplace wellness programs have the potential to be highly impactful for diabetes prevention, as they reach adults in a place where they are likely to spend a substantial amount of their time. However, workplace wellness programs generally struggle with meaningful engagement over the long term. Plus3 demonstrates that new and increased motivation for workplace wellness can be brought about in a way that does not add any extra cost or complication." 


The idea behind the Anthology emerged during roundtable discussions at the 2016 diaTribe Foundation conference, when it quickly became clear that no such inventory exists—which meant there was no way of identifying common traits of successful interventions across different populations. Recognizing the need, one of the biggest global authorities in diabetes, Dr. James Gavin, boldly proposed a unified collection of successes: The Anthology of Bright Spots in Type 2 Diabetes.  




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