Supporting 100+ Offices: CLA’s Wellness Champions

One of the questions I get asked most frequently is the role of company wellness champions and should a company do it. The answer is always yes. Any good corporate culture related program needs buy-in from the C-Suite, but also needs the involvement of employees who can provide more lasting benefits and engagement on a day-to-day basis.


A great example of this is financial services firm CliftonLarsonAllen (CLA), which employs over 5000 people spread across 104 offices segmented into 39 regions. Their Balance360 wellbeing program incorporates volunteer champions to facilitate engagement at the local level with Plus3 providing insights to run any challenge or receive data on a variety of metrics such as how much they've raised for charity through their healthy actions.


On a quarterly basis CLA highlights one champion such as Cassie Kurek and Christina Miles:


Cassie Kurek, Senior, Agribusiness and Cooperatives
Serving in our Stevens Point, WI office, Cassie's favorite activity to log is Golfing since it’s something new she has learned. Running is a close second. Cassie coordinated a challenge for her sub-region that resulted in a 40 percent increase in engagement, boosting the Eastern Wisconsin offices to the number one spot on the leader board.


“I feel Balance360 has really brought our sub-region closer, even when we were engaging in head-to-head competition! We work day after day together, and being able to have something to talk about other than work has created a positive work environment. It’s been so great to hear from others about their new workouts, time management tips, and family activities, all of which continue to pay it forward and earn kudos, meaning direct dollars to our B360 charities.”


Christina Miles, Client Service Assistant, Champaign, IL

Favorite activity to log: CrossFit workouts and strength training. Following the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Christina challenged those in her office to raise $1,000 for relief efforts. Not only did they reach nearly 100 percent office participation, but they exceeded their donation goal.


“Balance360 has really made a difference in our office. I’ve witnessed my colleagues making healthier food options and being more active during the work day. It has also helped us get to know each other better. When we have a challenge in our office, I am always amazed at how we work together to achieve our goal. We are a great team!”



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