Experts, Clients, Everyday People & Lawn Gnomes

Plus3's unique wellbeing solution is off the beaten path because that's where lawn gnomes live. We offer bespoke inspiration to each user because what fires your healthy living rocket can be, and often is, quite different from those you sit next to in the office or pound nails with at the construction site.  We have helped tens of thousands of people find daily inspiration to stay on a healthy track. Some are inspired by charitable donations, others love competition, social support, or personal rewards. And yes, there are those that must win a lawn gnome, Plus3's version of the Stanley Cup. 


Health Experts, Clients and Everyday Folks share their 'Healthy Living on Purpose' thoughts:


"I am not as computer literate as most people are. Considering that I am an hourly employee, that is a strong indication that I am not rich but I love contributing to good causes.  Doing healthy habits inspired me to do even better and with Plus3 I don't only help myself but I also help others.  I need to be strong and healthy for my 2 kids.  My daughter is going to start [college] this September and I might even work a second job to afford that.  Thank you for your wonderful organization and please keep up the good work."


“I’ve never walked so much in my life! I’ve lost 22lbs. I love watching my $ go up and the scale go down!”


“Your website is a great way to get people moving and help with a cause! We are a family of four and enjoy the fun together (be it running, biking, swimming or just walking the dogs on the beach.)”


“I love +3.  It’s an awesome site!”


“I enjoy using Plus3 more than Facebook.  It’s sport-focused and benefits good causes, rather than about random thoughts from friends.”


“I gained weight [and] knew I had to do something about it. I think it’s amazing that the company I work for is putting health habits of employees towards [charity]. It’s one of the reasons why I love the place I work.”


“Love your program - very motivational and nice to get daily rewards for the workouts! Keeps me inspired to not slack off.”


Experts & Clients


Archana Dubey, MD, Global Medical Director, Hewlett Packard, Adj. Assistant Professor, Stanford Medical School:

"Plus3 makes health and fitness meaningful. It increases motivation by adapting to the core values of each individual. I've been in this space for a long time and no other corporate wellness solution addresses this as well as Plus3."


Richard E. Killingsworth, M.P.H.Chief, Health Promotion and Disease PreventionDelaware Department of Health and Social Services: ​The Governor, Secretary and Director of Public Health were all deeply impressed and excited to be a part of this powerful partnership. Exceedingly glowing comments from all. We are on the cusp of turning this bold idea into something incredibly spectacular in Delaware and beyond."


James Rafferty, SVP of Compensation and Benefits, Cobham Technologies: 

“This [Plus3] really looks good. Based on the success we’ve had in the U.S., we are looking to expand this to cover employees in other countries.”


Csaba Mera, M.D., President, Mera Consulting:

“A wonderful platform for employee and family engagement, truly standing out among the competition, with engagement rates well above those generally seen in the industry. Any employer or health plan looking for ways to inspire and motivate employees and their families should take a serious look at Plus3.”


J. Nick Baird, M.D., Former Health Director, State of Ohio:

“I would like to add my congratulations for the impressive work by Plus 3’s management team and staff. They have actualized what we have been conceptualizing for years!”


Dennis Boyle, IDEO Founding Partner, Wellness Practice Director:

“Plus 3 has the most potential of any product we have tested and we are involved with many similar initiatives.”


Paul Terry, PhD, President & CEO, Hero Health:

“Check out Plus3 because if “bribes” lead to extraordinary philanthropy, count me in! At Plus3 you’ll see an incentive program that plays to our altruism gene. If you don’t care that the Plus3 app produced 72 billion steps, how about the fact that it also moved $1,780,124 to charities the app users care about?”


Luc Fagerberg, Project Management Officer, V2V Associates:

"I always thought that developing engagement on software platforms was about reducing friction, but you have also shown that developing the inspiration in the user to engage is a complementary, sustainable and more powerful approach as well."


Chris Attard, HR Manager, Build Group:

“Our charities are winners but also our employees who are meeting goals of losing weight, quitting smoking, running marathons. But most of all we have positive employee engagement and camaraderie.”


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