Plus3 Parent's Guide

A Parent's Guide to Plus3 - Ages 15 and Under Privacy

Making It Count for all Ages

Kids Log Exercise/Activities and Plus3 Donates to Charity

What We Do:

Plus3 Network is a FREE health and wellbeing site that rewards Users by making a donation to charity for any Health and Fitness Activity logged. Plus3 is open to people of all ages and locations. We encourage parents, friends and family to join in on the healthy elements of a motivated exercise lifestyle. But we take extra precautions to make Plus3 safe for kids.

We Keep it Free and Here's How:

We have gone to charitable foundations and corporate philanthropic groups to secure funding pledges for our charities. We keep that money in escrow, and as people log their Activities on Plus3, we move the money to their selected charity.

We use either miles traveled or time logged as our basis for rewarding your child.

Who We Are:

Plus 3 Network, Inc. ("Plus3") is a company based in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Our mailing address is:

1687 Laurel Street, San Carlos, CA 94070

We can be reached by email at:

"help at plus3 dot com"

We can be reached by phone at:


What Information We Collect:

Keeping it safe for kids so they can be part of our community. 

The default privacy setting on Profile and Activities, when your child signs up for Plus3, is PRIVATE.

We use layers of privacy based on Friendship choices on Plus3.

  • Private - Only your child sees their data.

  • Friends - Only Members that your child has approved can see your child's data.

  • Friends and Clubhouse - Only the friends your child has approved or other people with the same Charity as your child can see your child's data.

  • Public - Everyone can see your child's data.

We allow the above privacy settings to be applied to both a User's Profile (information your child may say about themselves) and to any User's Activities (things your child does - such as walking, running, playing team sports, volunteer time) logged on the site. 

When your child signs up they are listed by the the combination of the First Name and first initial of their Last Name as entered on our website sign-up form.

We also allow your kids to use a nickname instead of the default of First Name, Last Initial.

We directly ask your child for:

  • First Name, Last Name (we only show First Name, Last Initial, and we also allow for the creation of a nickname)

  • Email address (which we do not display on the site)

  • Zipcode (which we do not display on the site)

  • Gender

  • Birthdate – to help us determine Under 13 status (which we do not display on the site)

  • Parent’s or Guardian’s Name & Email Address: to gather approval for the child’s enrollment and use of Plus3

We use cookies on the site to remember status – what choices have been made on the site in terms of configuration and other options.

We also your child to enter information about their Activities, like Exercise and Volunteer time.

Sample items that go into an Activity are:

  • Name of the Activity

  • Date and Time of Day

  • Duration

  • Distance

  • The Activity Type

  • Description

  • Tags – words used to organize Activities


Plus3 Users, including children, may use a GPS device to record and upload Activities to the site. This presently is either a device from Garmin, or our Free "Fitness Plus3" app on Android or iPhone smartphones. The GPS supplies a map that goes along with the Activity. On a Public Activity we obscure the start and end locations of GPS maps.

Activities and GPS:

Over half of the Activities entered on Plus3 are simple things like "Played Basketball" for an hour. There is no location data associated with that type of "Hand Entry", unless they add it via our text fields. The other half of our entries are based on GPS recorded Activities like Running, Bike Riding, or Walking. These Activities include information like a map of the route, the duration, time of day, date, as noted above.

REMINDER - If your child uses a supported GPS device, the default privacy setting is PRIVATE. Only your child can see it.

Note: Your child can change that setting and they can also set an individual Activity to a different setting. One thing about all our GPS maps on the website: we obfuscate / blur the start and end points of all plots, no matter if they are public or private.

Optional Member Information:

Biometric Data

In order to calculate things like Body Mass Index and calories burned we also allow kids to enter:

  • Gender

  • Weight

  • Height

Other Data for their Profile

  • Location City

  • A few words about themselves

What We Do with the Information We Collect and the Data Members Enter:

We collect member Activities and when marked Public, we display it on the site for all to see. When it is marked Private, only the owner gets to see it. When it is marked Friends, only the approved Friends of the owner get to see it.

We also aggregate data from all the entries and use it to display trends, averages, and to calculate charitable contributions and for exercise related motivational challenges.

We use email to communicate with our members – status on how they are doing, motivation to continue to exercise, reports on how their charity or group is doing, etc. Users have the option to opt out of email communications.

We also may collect a mailing address to fulfill a prize related challenge. For example, if a child meets a goal and wins a pair of socks, we will need to collect a mailing address.

We do not share the Users' email outside of Plus3. We conduct all the mailings and do not hand off data to our Partners unless given specific permission from Plus3 Users. An example again would be in the completion of a challenge where the Partner may be supplying the reward and need to communicate with a User.

Our Partners include our Charity Causes and our Sponsoring Companies. We may also include specific partners for Challenges.

Users may also communicate with each other by posting comments on "Public' or "Friends Only" logged Activities in the Activity Feed.

Acceptance of Plus3 Terms:

As the parent of a child with a Plus3 account, you agree that:

  1. you and/or your child have the the ability to use Plus3 as described above;

  2. a nickname, if used, must not be discriminatory, unethical or obscene;

  3. the uploaded content must not be illegal, misleading or violate anyone's rights, and this includes comments;

  4. you will not use, misuse or manipulate any challenges, leaderboards, or comment fields on;

  5. you have accepted that your child can participate in Plus3 challenges.

A failure to comply with the above may lead to suspension or a permanent ban of a Plus3 account at our discretion.

Deleting a User's Account and Profile:

A User has the ability, in their profile, to completely remove themselves and all their records.

As a parent, you can also ask for the removal of your child from Plus3 by emailing "help at plus3 dot com".

This will start a dialog where will confirm your right to have the data deleted.

As a parent, you can also request a summary of your child's Activities on Plus3 by emailing "help at plus3 dot com".

Once we verify your ID, we will supply the data.

More Reading, More Detail:

We have these additional documents to provide you deeper understanding of Plus3.