Lifestyle 365 is Plus3's comprehensive year-round wellbeing program that inspires your employees to find time for health in support of community causes they care about. Our client branded mobile and desktop apps are loaded with customization options to ensure that we captivate the ongoing interests of your workforce while meeting your company's strategic goals for the program. With an easy to read dashboard, Plus3's enterprise level reports are customized to provide each client company-wide and localized snapshots and deep dive data views . A dedicated and experienced Plus 3 account manager will ensure your time is spent thinking “big picture” rather than being burdened by day-to-day program management. 


400+ employees spread across nine national offices have been using Plus 3 for three years, supporting multiple charities and participating in a variety of quarterly challenges. 48% continue to log activities with year-over-year participation increasing – not decreasing.

“Promoting health while giving back is captivating employees across all of our national offices. All of this helped Heffernan win multiple San Francisco/Silicon Valley Business Journals ‘Healthiest Places to Work’ awards.”

Adam C, Director of Wellness, Heffernan

Here are a few keys to success included in every Lifestyle 365 wellbeing program:

  •  year-round programming managed by a dedicated Plus3 representative

  • imbedded promotions and links to your preferred health and benefits partners

  • company branded and customized web and mobile apps

  • health and nutrition – education and coaching  

  • a wide variety of turnkey fitness and wellbeing challenges 

  • pre-launch promotions guide to spark interest and participation

  • weekly challenge updates, nudges and notifications

  • real-time individual and team leaderboards

  • individual rewards distribution, when applicable

  • we distribute 100% of approved funds to your charities – no transaction fees

  • clients receive charitable acknowledgment and tax deduction

  • expanded analytics reporting

  • Additional levels of customization opportunities available. Contact us!

Plus3 Pricing includes an annual customization fee is paired plus a monthly fee based on group size. 

In addition, we believe that wellness programs should go beyond 9 to 5. Companies of all sizes can add families at no additional cost. Plus3 is COPPA compliant so that kids sixteen-and-under can participate with private family pages that promote healthy fun while providing a community-minded connection to workforce wellbeing. 

Annual Customization Fee: $1000 + $2 per employee. Families fly free.


Monthly Fees: $600 minimum per month for up to 200 employees. Companies with a larger workforce are billed monthly at $600 + $1 PEPM for each employee beyond the first 200. Groups of 500 or more, we'd love to learn more about your employee wellbeing needs and chat price.

Charitable Giving: You're in control of who you give to as well as how much. Plus3 recommends approximately $50-$100 per employee per year.


Optional Incentives: Charitable giving provides powerful, year-round intrinsic motivation for employees and their families. However you may also wish to consider providing occasional extrinsic rewards to round out the program. We can fulfill gift cards, health premium deductions, or sync with your preferred employee rewards platforms. Pro tip: don't forget to have fun. At Plus3 we love fulfilling whimsical rewards such as medallions, lawn gnomes or pink flamingos. Or give the gift of time - a day off!

Companies with 500+ employees & NGOs:

Please contact Plus3 to discuss pricing.

Get in touch today, we'd enjoy learning more about your company's goals!