How To Plus3

Here's a primer on how to get the most out of your Plus3 experience. In addition you can find our FAQ here. Should you have questions or need help, contact us here

Just getting started? Or prefer to watch rather than read? Watch our 8-minute how-to video.

Mobile App User Guide

We have a stand-alone user guide for our mobile apps here. Still need to download our mobile app for Apple or Android?

  • Get the iPhone app here from iTunes or directly from your iPhone by searching the App Catalog for "plus3" or "fitness rewards by plus3"
  • Get the Android app here from Google Play Store or directly from your Android Phone by searching the App Catalog for "plus3" or "fitness rewards by plus3"

Distance, Duration, or Healthy Habit: What it Takes to Make Money for Charity

When you enter an Activity, we give it Kudos (points) based on one of three factors. Adjacent to each type of Activity, we list the metric you need to enter to generate Kudos: By Hour, By Mile, or Per Day.

  • The Distance Traveled - f or a Bike Ride, a Walk, or a Run, we would expect to see a Distance associated with it (e.g. 1-Mile Walk generate 38 Kudo).
  • The Duration of the Activity - For a Yoga Session, we expect to see the Duration associated with it (e.g. an hour of Yoga generates 50 Kudos).
  • A Once-a-day Activity known as a Healthy Habit: A Healthy Habit, like "No Soda or Sugar Drinks Today" generates 3 Kudos per DAY. When you select the Activity type, we indicate next to the type what we expect to see to give it Kudos via: By Hour, By Mile, or Per Day.
We have certain items that, for convenience and from watching the way our Members participate, we reward by Duration OR by Distance. For example, some people just note "Walked for 20 Minutes" while others will say "Walked a Mile". We allow either method to be used for Kudos. Pick your preference by selecting "Walked by Time" or "Walked by Distance" for the Activity type.

Entering Activities: Overview

Getting Your Activities into Plus3 is our #1 priority. Activity entry, the lifeblood of the way you Make It Count, is front and center of the page and we are always trying to make it smarter and faster. There are a few ways you can enter your Activities:

  • Use our FREE mobile apps (click here for mobile guide)
  • By hand right on your Plus3 home page
  • By linking FitBit to Plus3
  • By linking Garmin Connect to Plus3

Entering Activities: By Hand using the Free Form

The Basics: From your Home Page, to log an Activity you'll need to give it a name, choose an Activity Type, and then give it either a TIME DURATION or a DISTANCE, or both, to have it earn Kudos. A Bit More if you Want It:

Hand Entry is a simple way to use Plus3’s Free Form to fill in what's needed to turn your Activity into Kudos and cash for your Charity. As you enter Activities, we have a history of what you like to do. We use this information help you enter future Activities.

Start Typing = Smart Typing:

If you have a history on Plus3, once you start typing we look for the most common things you do that include those letters/words. If you choose one of the past titles, then we automatically fill in the Activity Type, your average Duration, and your average Distance.

You can overwrite the details, or simply press "Enter and Done" to post your Activity, earn Kudos and move money to charity.

Log Multiple Activities Quickly:

+ / - Day: If you press "Enter and Add Another", we clone everything you just wrote and you can use the "+ / - day" to move the date and easily enter the same activity on multiple days with just a few clicks.

How Do You Count Steps?

We track Steps passively from your phone, FitBit or Garmin device and so that you earn Kudos for moving yourself throughout the day. These passive steps earn less than logging a dedicated Walk or Run Activity. We treat a Walk or Run as something specific, with a start and end point and value it more than ambient steps logged automatically from your favorite device.


You may prefer to enter activities and keep them to yourself, or just share with people you have indentified as "Friends" on Plus3. You can make that choice here. If something is marked "Private", only you, the activity owner, can see it. If it is marked "Friends", only friends can see it, and if it is "Public" then everyone can see it.

But Weight, There's More - Weight & Calories: Weight: You can enter your weight for the day as part on an Activity. We also display charts of your weight over time in the "My Health" page on Plus3. If you don't overwrite the Weight, we just bring forward your last known weight into each Activity. Note: Weight is Always Kept Private. Only you can see your weight. This information is not displayed on any public views of your Activities or your Profile. Calories In: Plus3 made a choice here and we went with simplicity. Instead of a hard core calorie count, we offer three choices. With one click you can select "Skimped, Ate Normally, or Gorged" button on any given day. From this we do a little math using information from your Profile (Gender, Age, Weight, and Height) in combination with a normalized table to estimate how many calories you consumed. A timeline adjustable gragh on your "My Health" page offers a wonderful, comparitive view of your eating and exercise trends. Here’s how this looks:

Entering Activities: Via Smartphone, Garmin & Fitbit

Using Plus3 in coordination with Garmin, FitBit, Apple, and Android platforms:

You can link the and Garmin Connect websites to for automatic synchronizations. On your Plus3 home page from a web browser click on the Sync My Device button.

  • For FitBit, Plus3 only accepts Steps from all FitBit step counting devices.
  • For Garmin, we receive GPS activity files and Steps. Garmin has a long list of products, and not all of them connect the same. In GENERAL, when a Garmin device uploads a Dot-Fit (.fit) file format it will forwarded to the Plus3 server automatically from Garmin Connect.
  • For other GPS devices, if you have access to your device activity files (if you can read it like a USB stick), then you can IMPORT many .tcx and .fit files. Do this from the Sync My Device button on your Plus3 home page.
If you have an Android or Apple phone, install our free app. From the Plus3 app, you can access the Step counter on the phone and our app will also record GPS Activities. Plus3’s app also offers a Free Form for Hand Entry. Also note that via Apple Health or Android Health, Plus3 can gather steps from Apple and Android watches.

Entering Activities: Using Healthy Habits Checkboxes

This is an easy way to focus on a few healthy to-dos each day, earn a few Kudos and move a bit of cash to a cause you care about., Healthy Habits can be logged ONCE during the day. These are nice, acheivable dollops of health mindfulness that are good for you, but not necessarily exercise related. And it's always fun to check items off your to-do list every day!

Healthy Habits set-up and rules are simple:

  • You can log them once a day and it’s super easy to log up to ten items.
  • You can log as far back as seven days.
  • You can change your Health Habits Top 10 using the Customization button.
  • Use the checkboxes to quickly enter the Health Habits you completed and there’s a “Check All” box for those days you accomplished everything.
  • Should you wish to enter more than ten Healthy Habits, use the Hand Entry Free Form on the Plus3 home page or smartphone app.
Sample Healthy Habits List: Ate 5 Fruits / Veggies Today, Brushed Teeth, Continued Education, Drank 5 Glasses of Water, Family Time, Did Not Drive Today, Carpooled, Used Public Transit, No Soda Today, No Desserts Today, No Smoking Today, Relaxed / Meditated, Smiled / Laughed / Good Day, Played with my Kids, and Visited Parents.

Entering Activities: Editing and Deleting

Sometimes you'll need to edit an Activity. You may want to add more details, change the Activity Type, or fix a misentered Date, Duration or Distance.

From the Activity Feed, click on word "edit" next to the Activity Name. After you've made all your changes, click Save.

To delete an activity, click on the same "edit" link and then in the pop-up screen click on the red "Delete" button at the bottom.

Using Your Home Page

Upon logging into Plus3, you will be brought to your Home Page. The Home Page is organized and packed full of useful information and fun features, including Personal Stats, Activity Feeds, Leaderboards, Messages from Plus3, Messages from your Clubhouse, and more! Anytime you want to get back to your Home Page, click on the Home icon on the left near the top of the page.

Your Dashboard & Personal Stats:

Right at the top we show your 7-Day and 30-Day averages for a couple of categories such as kudos, exercise miles and minutes, sleep and steps.

To the right of your stats is your profile pic or avatar and a sweet summary of the Kudos and money you’ve moved to charity, as well links to edit your Profile and a sign out link.

Logging an Activity:

Below Personal Stats we provide three ways to log your activities: Healthy Habits checkboxes, Free Form manual entry for physical activities and the opportunity to sync to Garmin & FitBit devices.

Activity Feed:

In the center of the Home Page is the Activity Feed, and a scrolling summary of the latest Clubhouse Activities. Tabs (filters) to see a list of Clubhouse, Just Me, Friends and Teams.

You can also choose to hide "Healthy Habits" from the feed. When you click this, it removes all the "By Day" tracked Healthy Habits from the view. Toggle back to see them in the feed. Each Activity includes a link to expanded details on that Activity. We encourage you to click around the Activity Feed to see more information about Activities, Member Profiles, comments, etc. Newsfeeds: On the right most column of the Home Page you will see two Newsfeeds, one for your Clubhouse and one for general Plus3 user info. The Newsfeed headlines connect to articles, videos, and other useful tidbits. You can hide the Newsfeeds by touching the Close button. If the news changes, then the Message box will open again. Leaderboard: Below the Newsfeed is the Leaderboard. The Leaderboard shows a running total of Kudos earned for the current month. See how you stack up in Kudos earned against your friends and other Clubhouse members. You can also click the "Top/Near Me" filter to switch the view from everyone to just the folks closest in Kudos to you. Navigation Tab:

The Nav Bar on the top left is what you use to go beyond the home page to other elements of Plus3, such as:

  • Home - click the ruby slippers, there is no place like Home.
  • My Profile - see a snapshot of all of your activity as well as edit profile information like your nickname, add your avatar image, change your password, etc.
  • My Calendar - a Monthly view of your Activities with summaries for Kudos, Miles, Hours, etc.
  • My Health Stats - if you track your weight, calories or other biometrics, check this out.
  • You can also search people and activities from the navigation tab.
Footer: At the bottom of the page is the Plus3 Footer. Click the little chevron in the middle of the footer to expand it. The Footer contains lots of fun and useful information with links to our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and FAQs and how to contact Support.

Your Privacy Settings

We have the following settings for both your profile page as well as each individual activity:

  • Public (Green Label)
  • Friends (Blue Label)
  • Private (Red Label)
Here's how the labels look on your activity feed:

The default Privacy Setting for both your profile page and when you begin logging activities on Plus3 is PUBLIC. You can change the defaults from your Profile Page. Let's walk you through these two items.

But, first a word about Kudos, Dollars, Leaderboards and Privacy: Regardless of your Privacy Setting, all your activities earn Kudos that are converted to charitable donations. Leaderboards are always Public and as such will only display your Public activities.

Profile Page & Privacy Settings:

On your Profile page, you can share as much about yourself as you like and when people click on your name they can see what you have written. A fundraising dashboard and a summary of your Public Activities is also included. You can edit your Profile from the Edit My Profile link.

We default to your first name and last initial to identify members. You can change your Member name to anything you want in your Profile.

A Private Profile displays the words "This Member has chosen to keep their Profile Private" when anyone clicks on your name.

A Public / Friends level Profile will show your activity feed, a couple of overview stats such as dollars raised and friends you share, etc.

Using “Edit My Profile” you can set the Profile view to:

  • Public - Anybody can see this. And it shows up on web search engines.
  • Friends - Only people you have mutually accepted as a Friend on Plus3 can see your Profile page, and the Activity summary will show Public and Friends level privacy Activities.
  • Private - Only you can see your summary Profile page and your name is hidden from a search in the People tab. This will make it hard for people to find you and send a friend request. They can still find you IF you log an Activity and mark it Public. Your name will show up in the Home Page Activity Feed and on a “Search on the Activity” tab.

You can always edit your Profile from the Edit My Profile link.

Sharing Your Activities with a Private Profile: You can set a Private Profile but still have Public Activities. This combination of Privacy Settings hides your summary of Public Activities, but you will be visable on the Public Leaderboards and enjoy a bit of social interaction and competition. You can set a GLOBAL DEFAULT for your Activities in the Edit My Profile link. Then, as you log a new Activity, you can override the Global Default setting to be one of the three available privacy settings. This makes it easy to share specific Activities while hiding others.

My Health Page:

This page is set to Private and cannot be changed. The biometric information you enter here is for your eyes only.

GPS Tracks & Privacy:

When you mark your GPS-based activity Public or to be seen by Friends we show a map of the route traveled. Plus3 hides a bit of your start and finish location and on our mobile apps you can also choose to hide your map all together.

Congratulating Folk & Aw...Shucks

Click the "Rock On" fist icon and it will turn green and alert the Activity owner by email that you like their healthy deed done well The number next to the icon indicates how many people have “Rocked On”. Click on the Activity title to find a list of those that appreciated the effort. Every now and then something funky happens at the gym, on the ride, run or walk, or wherever. It's not the kind of thing that deserves a "Rock On", but rather some sort of commiseration. Be it a flat tire on the bike, a pulled hammy, or losing a ballgame, the “Aw, Shucks Broken Heart" icon is your way of letting someone know you care. Same as “Rock On” the "Aw...Shucks" Broken Heart icon will light up with a number next to indicating how many people have clicked. A short email notification will be sent to the Activity owner. Click on the Activity title to view a list of those who shared a virtual hug.

Calling Out an Error (anonymously)

We work on the Honor System at Plus3, and we count on two things - people doing the right thing and technology working the way it is supposed to. Luckily, most of the errors on Plus3 are just that, simple errors. In any case, we want to give Members an anonymous way to flag an Activity that contains an error. If you see an Activity that you think has an error in it, click the Flag. It will light up and put a number next to it. This also sends an anonymous email to the Activity owner that the item looks fishy and may contain an error. At the same time it sends an email to the Plus3 admin. We will give members a day to fix their own error. If it isn't fixed by then, we will correct or perhaps delete the Activity. If you receive an Error Report email, you should be able to click the email to take you directly to your entry. Typical errors are things like "Swim 1600 miles" instead of "Swim 1600 meters". Fix the error and you will feel good that someone proofread your work :-)"

Adding Friends

Plus3 is a great place to connect with like thinkers and doers. And it’s easier to get out there and stay motivated when friends are involved. You will have more fun, achieve better results – and of course, so will those that are with you.

If you work at a large company you may want to quickly see Activity feeds and Leaderboards just for those closest to you. By clicking on someone's name in the Activity feed or a Leaderboard, you'll be able to add them as a friend and create freelance Teams for a more meaningful experience.

You can also search for people by name from the Search People link in the Nav Menu.


Many companies have pre-set Teams so you can easily see those in your office location or department. You can also create your own Freelance Teams, whether it's a walking or riding team, your family, or you name it. Use Teams to organize your friends activtities, compare stats and leaderboards on your team's shared healthy giving journey!

Click on the My Teams page on your Activity Feed to review your team(s) and/or create Freelance Teams.

Entering Activities: Guidelines & Plus3’s Honor System

You can enter almost any type of Activity into Plus3 and turn it into Kudos for the Leaderboards and money for a Cause. We like that. But to paraphrase Peter Parker's uncle, "With great flexibility comes great responsibility." Here's our philosophy and a short Q&A based on useage patterns and comments from you, our radio listeners.

Plus3's Honor System:

"Only Enter things you think are OK for another Plus3 Member to enter" is Plus3’s Golden Rule. If you find yourself wondering if what you are entering is "fair", then it is probably worth erring towards not entering it for Kudos. Instead, we do have a category called "Interesting Things I Wanted to Enter" that is a catch-all for cool, wild, weird and fun things but generates no Kudos for you or cash of a Cause. Try that. NOTE: If you are logging things that are not real, not possible (logging more hours than there are in a day, or more items than are plausible), they may be edited by Plus3’s admin.

Q: Can I Double Count Steps with a Run or Dedicated Walk?

A: Synced steps from a smartphone, FitBit or Garmin earn less than dedicated walks or runs, so in short you can double count without impacting the leaderboard too much. But note that depending on the frequency and type of double counts, Plus3’s admin or others may flag your activities.

Q: How Far Back Can I Log Activities?

A: You can enter as far back as you like but we only convert the Kudos to Charitable Donations for the previous 28 days (4 weeks) from the current day. We need a cutoff date for charitable giving accuracy and accountablity.

Q: Can I group things together? Like a week of running?

A: Yes, but we are asking you to group no more than a weeks worth. We need to keep the chunks of exercise into a grouping so that others see a realistic number. An example of going too far would be combining one month's worth of runs, or yoga sessions, or bike rides into a single Activity entry.

Q: Can I log my Job as an Activity?

A: Members have spoken, and the answer is mostly No, but let's flush out what is kosher. If the Activity is a discrete Activity that you can track then that's probably pretty good. Some examples that members have said makes sense:

  • You are a bike messenger and can track discrete rides / distance. "Delivered six packages" for 8 miles
  • You are a postal worker and can track your route - "walked my route" for 3 miles

Things that are not within the spirit of Plus3's Honor System that may get flagged and/or edited:

  • Double Counting. Listing 8 hours of Walking and 8 Hours of Physical Labor on the same day
  • Listing 8 Hours Physical Labor every day as Work
  • Listing 8 hours of Physical Labor every day as Housework
  • Listing a big chunk of anything for a big chunk of hours everyday
  • Logging overlapping items that total more hours than plausible
  • Logging more items in a day than plausible

In Summary:

If your Activities are reasonable and entered in discrete chunks that someone can look at and think "that's neat" or "that's cool" or "that's right" then you’re acting according to Plus3’s Golden Rule.

A final note on Physical Labor:

The spirit of the Physical Labor Activity (Lite, Medium and Hard) is that it should be used now and again when you do something of note, or out of your daily routine such as mowing the lawn once a week, or those days in winter when you shovel the driveway, or that day you clean out the gutters. It is not meant to be a way to track your job in one big block.

Share Your Thoughts & Ideas:

If you have thoughts or comments or additions you think we should make, send them to Thanks!

Your Conduct on Plus3

We are a gathering place for people and we post things that others can see. We are place the lets you be on a leaderboard, earn money for charity, earn personal rewards and claim some bragging rights. Plus 3 is a virtual highway with lots of intersections, off-ramps and on-ramps. And sometimes our Members will run a stop sign by mistake or get into a fender bender with another Member.

And since its public, we can’t please everybody all the time. But we can establish a few rules of the road so people have an idea of what we deem as appropriate behavior and what the consequences will be for behaving badly.

Remember, if you do not mark something as Private, then others can see it. The public means friends, strangers, employers, coworkers and others too. Public also means people who may not even be Plus 3 members but are simply browsing the site.

Rules and Guidelines:

  • No Profanity. Please, leave it out of your posts, out of your descriptions, and out of your comments. We will remove Activities and Posts that use overt profanity.
  • Be Honest. We take you at your word. If you say you ran, or did yoga, or skied, we believe you. When you use a GPS tracker, it’s more believable and you earn more Kudos and move more money to charity. The occasional mistake in describing an Activity or the occasional slip of the mouse are cool. We all have those days. But we will remove Activities if you show a pattern of Activity hyperbole, especially if they put you at the top of the Leaderboards to the detriment of others.
  • Be Civil. If you notice repeat mistakes on someone’s Activities, don’t go ballistic on the person. There are often reasons, sometimes it’s a typo, a technical glitch, or some are folks trying to creatively record an Activity we don’t have in our system.

What to do if you have a dispute with another Member:

First, send a note to "help at plus3 dot com" alerting us to your complaint. We’ll take a look at the Member or the Activities in question. We may find the person simply make a mistake and we will try to take care of it.


If we find a Member is willfully cheating the system, violating our guidelines, or worse, we will delete their questionable Activities after three written warnings. And just like the County Sheriff dealing with a bad driver, we reserve the right to suspend a Member’s Plus 3 account if we deem any Activity or Post is grossly negligent, reckless, or defamatory.

We imagine that these rules and guidelines may grow but we hope not. We’d much prefer that everyone continue to be honest, civil, and of proper voice. Plus3 should be a fun, safe place to play.