Frequently asked questions

Here's the FAQ for Plus3. If you're looking for our How-To Plus3 page, please click here.

How Do I Change Clubhouses (Cause + Sponsor)?

Amongst our corporate wellbeing solutions we also host a number of publicly available Clubhouses. If you find yourself in the wrong one or simply would like to change it up, please contact us at:

Is There an Smartphone App for This?

Yes! We have a free iPhone and Android app that allows you to record your Activities and wirelessly upload to Plus.

  • Get the iPhone here from iTunes or directly from an iPhone by searching the App Catalog for "plus3" or "fitness rewards by plus3"
  • Get the Android app here from Google Play Store or directly from an Android Phone by searching the App Catalog for "plus3" or "fitness rewards by plus3"
NOTE: When installing the Android app, you will likely first be asked to sign into Google Fitness with your google ID. This is how we get steps. After that, you will be asked for your Plus3 sign in information.

What Are Kudos Points?

Activity = Kudos = Fundraising. Kudos to You. Kudos are points awarded to each Activity logged on Plus3, based on things like how hard the effort is, how long it lasts (sometimes Distance, sometimes Duration), how many calories it burns, and if we are Featuring it as a special Activity. We Apply Kudos for three types of Activities we call: - Distance Based (it needs a distance in order to get Kudos) - Time Based (it needs a time duration in order to get Kudos) - Healthy Habits (it gets Kudos once a day) When you log an Activity on Plus3, either by simply filling out our form on your Activities page "by hand" or by uploading with a phone or GPS, we apply our Kudos to the Activity. By identifying it as a 4-mile run, an hour in the gym, a 2-mile walk, or an hour of soccer -- we apply a Kudos value that matches that Activity. We also have a category of Activity we call Healthy Habits. Healthy Habits get a set number of Kudos upon logging once a day.

Why does Walking Pay So Much?

We have found that Kudos can do two things: Reward you for your efforts and Motivate you to do more. Walking is pretty much the ONE THING almost everyone can do; from novice to Olympian. So we make walking very rewarding on Plus3. It can get the couch potato off the couch and get the Olympian to walk to the store.

What is the difference between Walking and Steps?

Steps vs. Walking. Steps are meant to track you over the course of a day, with no specific time duration. It's you ambient activity. Walking is supposed to represent a conscious discreet activity, like "Walked a Mile at Lunch". Walks should have a definite start and stop. Steps are what happens over a day. Don't consistently log Steps and Walks/Runs on the same day or Members will flag you for doubling-up. Make a choice, or take your pedometer off if you go for a walk or a run.

What's A Clubhouse? A Team?

Everybody is in a Clubhouse. Every Cause has a Sponsor on Plus3. In other words, every charity has a corporate funder paying the donation. The combination of the Cause (or Causes) and the Sponsor on Plus3 is called a Clubhouse. We let all members of the same Clubhouse see and mingle with the other members. You can filter the Activity Feeds and Leaderboards by that Clubhouse. You can also be one or more Teams. A Team Page is something a Member or a Clubhouse Admin creates. People can join or be invited, and we will do a leaderboard and an Activity Feed for that Team.

Why Didn't My Activity Earn any Kudos?

There are two main reasons why an Activity did not get any Kudos. 1. The Activity is measured by Distance, and there was no Distance entered. 2. The Activity is measured by a Time Duration, and no Duration was entered. This can be fixed in most cases by clicking Edit next to the Activity name and then putting in either the missing Duration or Distance.

Why Didn't My Activity Earn any Money?

There are two reasons there might be no money raised associated with an Activity. 1. There are no Kudos. See Why No Kudos :) 2. The Activity entered is older than 28 days from the entry date. We have a cutoff of 28 days so that Plus3 can calculate an accurate dollar amount to pay our Causes. #1 can be fixed by editing the activity. #2 cannot be fixed; we suggest entering activities more frequently.

How Many Kudos Does Each Activity Earn?

Kudos Points Rates per Activity or Healthy Habit To see how much an Activity or Healthy Habit earns in Kudos points, go to the hand entry form on the desktop home page and click open the Hand Entry form. Click on Activity List drop down menu and you will see a list of activities with their Kudos points listed alongside. Kickers and Kudos Adjustments Over Time. Our Kudos system and the values we place for each Activity are constantly evolving. We use a series of algorithms, Member usage patterns, and deliberate increases or decreases to keep Plus3 fresh and fun. For example, we know that an hour of Running is a very different Activity than an hour of Baseball. So our base line algorithms work to equate the physical effort and we turn those efforts into Kudos points. Then we look at the actual things that people log. We know how long the average road bike ride lasts, or what the average ski day looks like, and we work to use this information to tweak our Kudos. And then sometimes, such as Commute to Work Month, we may deliberately increase the Kudos for biking just to get us all motivated to ride bikes to work for that month. Look for the * next to a sport in the activity menu to see if it has a "Kudos Kicker". How many Kudos do I earn per mile or per hour? We are constantly tweaking the mileage and hour numbers as we motivate, highlight, and/or maximize Activities. Future Activities Plus3 can track and reward all kinds of Activities, both indoor and out. Our list of Activities has grown over the years. When we launched Plus3 we only had five Activities; today we are at 150+. One of the ways we add new Activities is by seeing people choosing "Other" and writing in the actual Activity, like "Shoveling Snow". That's how we added "Physical Labor" as an Activity. As we grow our Members, Sponsors, and Causes with more interests, we will grow the Activities we support. Suggestions? Let us know at "help at plus3 dot com"

How Much Money Does Each Activity Earn?

Kudos to Dollars Each of our Sponsors is dedicating money to great Causes, but just like a family, not every Sponsor can contribute at the same rates as other Sponsors. Like a currency on an Exchange Rate, these numbers will fluctuate every month as we move through the year based on how much money is left in a Sponsor's Pledge, how many Members are active, and other such factors. 28 Day Rule: You can enter has far back as you like but we only convert the Kudos to Dollars for the last 28 days (4 weeks) from the current day. We need to do that to keep the accounting for our Causes accurate, and to do that we need a cutoff date. Summary: Members can enter as far back as they want to to get Kudos, but we will only convert the Kudos to dollars for the past 28 days. The most important thing is that they are there to support you, and their conversion rates is usually adjusted to make sure they can support you for a long period of time.

Where does the Money Come From?

Plus3 goes out to corporations and/or foundations and secures a financial pledge to a Cause, usually for a multiyear period. The pledged money goes into a 501c3 Escrow account. As members exercise we keep track of the dollar amounts and usually quarterly we send a check from the escrow account to the charity.

How Does Plus3 Make Money?

The same companies and organizations supporting your exercise and healthy living efforts for charity pay Plus3 a hosting fee to provide our web and mobile platforms. Plus3 hosting fees are not tied to the charitable donations in any way, nor does Plus3 take a percentage of the charitable donations generated by your exercise and healthy living efforts.

Do I Need a GPS or Pedometer?

You don't need a GPS or a Pedometer to play on Plus3. We do work with Garmin, FitBit, and with our own free Smartphone Apps that can make the Activity tracking and entering easier and more accurate, but you don't need to have anything but access to a web browser to earn Kudos and make money for your Cause. We have a free iPhone and Android app that allows you to record and wirelessly upload your Activities to Plus3. For our iPhone app, search the App Store Catalog for "fitness rewards plus3". For our Android app, search the Google Play Store for "fitness rewards plus3" Plus3 automatically syncs with FitBit pedometers. Wwe are currently compatible with most of the Garmin vivofit, Edge and Forerunner models. We started with Fitbit and Garmin because they capture a majority of the fitness GPS/Pedometer market and many of our Members already use them.

How Do You Count Calories?

Since Plus3 is an Health and Fitness service, we calcualte and count Calories according to the Activities you enter. Calorie counts and formulas are a constant source of debate between Democrats and Republicans, Dogs and Cats, and even health professionals in the US and Canada. We know there is plenty of room for interpretation. All we can hope for is consistency within our service and accepting that no matter what, someone will find fault in what we do. Such is the nature of the beast. There are three methods that we use: - Averaged Numbers from Simple Tables from Published Sources - Data delivered from a device such as a Garmin - Feedback Loop from Real Activities Logged Our default method is to take from Published sources, do some averaging across the sexes, ages, and weight, etc., and use those figures for all Hand-Entered or Smartphone driven Activities. If we have the data from a Garmin, that data will override the base levels we provide. Garmin devices allow you to set up your age/gender/weight and then with the addition of a heart rate monitor, can provide a better Calorie count for your Activities. At this time, we do not add your baseline metabolic rate calories - the calories you might expend simply by being a living, loving human being that breaths and sleeps and walks around all day. Instead, we focus on the calories you burn for the discrete Activities you log on the site. For Hand-Entered and Smartphone based Activities we track the Calories by the Hour or by the Mile. If you have a Garmin, each different model of the Garmin uses a different method for calculating calories. In general, the more data the Garmin has about you, you age, your gender, your heart rate, etc., the better job it can do of predicting the calories burned for the Activity. Here is more from the Garminites on how they track calories: Garmin Calories.A sample of the starting point for our calculations are found in the Nutrastrategy Tables. We also have the luxury of having real data to look at. We use a Feedback loop that looks are real data from the things people enter with and without a Garmin and we then tweak the Calorie table to match what people are really doing out there. As with many things on Plus3, if you have input, send an email to "help at plus3 dot com" and we look at all suggestions for improving the fun. The Plus3 General Tables for Massive Calories Burned by our Members Sports we track by Time (Calories per Hour)

Aerobics - 457

Badminton - 309

Baseball - 238

Basketball - 497

BMX / Pump Track - Time Based - 696

Boot Camp - 532

Bowling - 235

Circuit Training - 532

Cricket - 238

Crossfit / P90X / TRX / Routine Based - 582

Dancing - 282

Elliptical - 655

Football - 338

Golf - by Time - 309

Gymnastics - 291

Hockey - 557

Ice Skating - Time Based - 477

Injury / Surgery Rehabilitation - 295

Kayaking / Paddling - Time Based - 351

Kite Boarding and Windsurfing - 306

Lacrosse - 532

Martial Arts / Boxing - 652

Motion Based Video Games - 326

Other - Time Based - 150

Physical Labor - Hard - 411

Physical Labor - Lite - 223

Physical Labor - Med - 317

Pilates - 291

Racquetball - 539

Rock Climbing - 637

Roller Derby - 672

Rowing Machine - 574

Rugby - 652

Sailing - Training & Racing - Time - 291

Scuba / Snorkeling - Time Based - 412

Skateboarding - Time Based - 351

Skiing -Time Based - 549

Snowboarding - Time Based - 496

Soccer - 652

Spinning - Time Based - 571

Squash - 772

Stand Up Paddling - Time Based - 338

Stair Climbing - 617

Stretching - 199

Surfing - 231

Swimming - By Time - 585

Table Tennis - 281

Tennis - 497

Track & Field - Jumping - 461

Track & Field - Throwing - 281

Treadmill Running - Time Based - 582

Ultimate Frisbee - 482

Volleyball - 473

Volunteer Time - 50

Water Polo - 702

Weight Training - 345

Wheelchair Sport Activity - 429

Yoga - 281

Zumba / Group Dancing - 353

Sports we track by Distance (Calories per Mile)

Backpcking - 107

BMX / Pump Track - Distance Based - 74

Cross Biking - Knobby Tires On Road - 63

Cross Country Skiing - 92

Golf - Walking the Course - 72

Hiking by Distance - 103

Hiking by Time - 103

Horseback Competition & Training - 43

Horseback Riding - 74

Inline Skating - 182

Kayaking / Paddling - Distance Based - 58

Mtn Biking - 47

Other - Distance Based - 30

Road Biking - 25

Rowing - 73

Running - 94

Sailing - Training & Racing - Distance - 65

Skateboarding - Distance Based - 202

Skiing - Distance - 31

Snowboarding - 31

Snowshoeing - 173

Spinning - Distance Based - 25

Swimming by Distance - 359

Swimming - Open Water - 412

Trail Running - 98

Treadmill Running - Distance Based - 68

Wheelchair Distance Activity - 38

PS - Down the road, as we do a better job of letting you enter your biometric data, we should be able to do a better job of fine tuning our Calorie counts that match the data you enter into Plus3.

What Are the Privacy Settings on Plus3?

Our Default Settings for Profile and Activities is: PUBLIC You can change this on the Edit My Profile link by your picture (now's a good time to add your picture, if you have not already) Activities and your Profile are two Separate places to use the Private button. Some people want to keep their Profile private but want to have their Activities public (and pick the occasional private one) Profile Private - Making your Profile "Private" will hide any profile information you have written about yourself, your fundraising legacy, and your accumulated Public Activities to others. Only your name will be visible to others. If people click on your name they will be given a message that says "This Member has Chosen to Keep their Profile Private." Activity Private - Activities you post will be public for others to view. If you do not want people to see your Activities, you can mark them Private. Once marked Private, we will not show your Activity in a feed, but they DO Count towards fund raising. Private Activities will NOT show up on Leaderboards. Activities are Public unless you mark them Private by checking the box in the Hand Entered or Upload dialog box. Plus3 is a social network that relies on the viral growth of your good deeds to inspire others, garner accolades from your friends, and in general spread the good word. Activities you leave as Public will show up on the major search engines - Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc. IF you choose to, you can edit your past Activities to be Private by: 1. Clicking on the Activity name 2. And pressing the edit link 3. And selecting the Private Check Box You can read our Privacy Policy here.

With What Browsers is Plus3 Compatible?

Computer/Browser: You will need a computer with an internet connection to browse Plus3 and log your activities. We work best with the current versions of: Firefox, Mac Safari and Google Chrome But we also work, with varying levels of success, with: Internet Explorer 10.0 Windows Safari Safari on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad Chrome on the Android operating system We do not support: Internet Explorer 6.0 Internet Explorer 7.0 Internet Explorer 8.0 Internet Explorer 11.0 in Windows 8 Mode

With What Devices is Plus3 Compatible?

We work with a certain amount of coordination with Garmin, FitBit, Apple, and Android platforms.

You can link the and Garmin Connect websites to for automatic synchronizations.

For FitBit we get Steps. Currently we work with all FitBit step counting devices.

For Garmin, we get GPS plots and Steps. Garmin has a long list of products, and not all of them connect the same. In GENERAL – if a Garmin device uploads in what they call the Dot-Fit (.fit) file format it will get passed to the Plus3 server automatically from Garmin Connect.

For other GPS devices, if you can access their files storage of the device (if you can read it like a USB stick), then we can IMPORT many .tcx and .fit files. Do this from the Device button on your home page on

Via smartphones, if you have an Android or Apple phone, install our free app. From that app we can access the Step counter on the phone and our app will record GPS. We also have the forms for Hand Entry on the phone app. We access Steps from either Apple Health or Android Health, so that often means we can get steps from Apple and Android watches.

Tell Me More

Making It Count. With Plus3, we let you turn every step, every hour in the gym, every stroke in the pool into a points system that we convert to charitable dollars. We do this at no cost to you via the support of corporate Sponsors or your Employer. These dedicated companies care about you and your family, the care about the planet, about health and fitness, and about the things we can do together to make a difference. Values are placed on an Activity based on either distance covered - like per mile for a run, or time logged - like for an hour of Yoga. With Plus3, you can track over 150 different Sports, Fitness and Health Activities. Each one pays a little different. Free. And as we said, this is all free to you. We've identified companies who want to support you as you get healthier, get social, and help others. How Does My Cause Get Funds? We run a report about once a quarter for our Causes and Sponsors. The report tells Sponsors how many Plus3 members covered how many miles/hours that month. Then the corporate Sponsor writes a nice check to your Cause and everybody wins. We don't take a penny of the Sponsor's pledge. We just record your efforts and report to the Sponsors and Causes. Big Brother? Not! Privacy questions are only natural when someone asks you to put data up there on the net, and GPS data to boot. But we do not share any individual data with your Cause(s) or Sponsor(s), just aggregated "group" data. We never say John ran here or Jane rode there; we just say 10,000 riders rode 100,000 miles last period. We take your privacy seriously. You can opt to share or not share your Activities with the Community or just with your Friends. Or keep it to yourself. After all, it is your information. We let you choose, and we respect your choice. We also don't show the exact start of finish of a GPS plot. Here is our Privacy Policy.

Steps and Steps. Counting and Double Counting?

An occasional double count of a walk and a run is OK. But if you do it everyday, and it puts you at the top of the leaderboards, Members will flag it. Here's a bit more about our Steps philosophy... We look at Steps from a pedometer as an “ambient” activity. It happens all day and usually at a low caloric expenditure. We don’t assign any time duration to Steps. And we don’t reward them with many Kudos. We recognize that Steps are sometimes the only thing that a member might ever log. But, when a member does something specific, with a definite start and stop time that results in a Duration, then we call that an Activity such as a dedicate Hike. It comes with a bigger caloric effort, and we reward that with a significant larger amount of Kudos. Part of the reasoning of a large Kudo count for an Activity and a small Kudo count for Steps is that we know some people will log things that have steps in them (a run, a hike, etc.) while they wear a pedometer that tracks ambient Steps. So if that happens we can get a “double count,” but the Steps Kudos are small compared to the Activity Kudos. The leaderboards will always reward the people who are doing Activities. Even if they don’t log Steps. If people are doing Activities and wearing a pedometer, they will get a slight multiplier. We realized that and rewarded accordingly. The goal is to get people moving and active and happier. We hope that if people are not logging Steps, they add them to their routine. If they are just logging pedometer Steps, we hope the Activity Kudos will motivate them to do the higher caloric Activities.