More About Our Challenges

Plus3 offers a wide variety of turnkey 30 and 90 Day Challenges and our year-round Lifestyle 365 clients can take full advantage of Plus3's customized challenge services. Take a look at the following options and don't be shy, contact us to discuss the best match for your company's workforce and culture.



Here's a few tips: 

  • Start Simple & All-Inclusive: Plus3's Everything Counts Challenge with 100+ activities offers something for everyone.

  • Active Rest: Should you offer multiple challenges each year factor in rest periods between each challenge.

  • Beyond the Top of the Pack: Acknowledge those that hit a minimum participation level to boost engagement.

  • Layer Rewards: Offer both individual and team challenges. Plus3 has automated team set-up during sign-up.

  • Promote: Give yourself two weeks prior to launch for Plus3 to help promote and build enthusiasm.

  • It's Breezy: Launching a Challenge couldn't be easier. Plus3 does all the work!


30 & 90 Day Challenges

Plus3's turnkey challenges are proven winners. Pick a challenge that focuses on general health improvement or select one that focuses on a shorter list of specific activities. How about a basketball, ultimate frisbee, snowshoeing or ballroom dancing challenge? And yes, we have walking/steps, running, cycling and all the usual fitness activities too.

30 & 90 Day Challenge scoring is based on points-per-activity. Plus3 Kudo (points) value is determined by blending time or distance with perceived effort. Perceived effort is determined through a combination of Mayo Clinic exercise studies and data collected from millions of Plus3 user activities. For example, a 5-mile run earns more Kudos than a 10-mile bike ride and both earn more than an hour of softball.

Review a sampling of our turnkey 30 & 90 Day Challenges below

Lifestyle 365 Custom Challenges

Plus3 is at the ready to create an annual challenge calendar that blends turnkey and custom challenges to help our clients achieve their workforce health and cultural goals. Corporate-wide and office specific challenges can be organized with Plus3 coordinating employee communications, promotions, reporting, charitable donations and employee rewards fulfillment. We can't recall ever saying no to a custom challenge request.

Lifestyle 365 Challenges provide opportunity to keep score using metrics other than Kudos (points). Number of activities, types of activities, time spent, distance traveled are some the scorekeeping methods available. Amongst the myriad of customized challenges we've created here are a handful of examples our clients have enjoyed.

  • Beat The Boss Challenge: a 90-day, all activities count, individual challenge. Nick Baird M.D., CEO, US Healthiest, challenged his staff to better his efforts with all those that did earning a free lunch! A wonderful way to connect leadership and the workforce while giving to charity. Leaderboards and personalized updates kept everyone engaged.


  • Kudos Across America: a 60-day, distance based, team challenge. For our client IDEO, Plus3 created a cross-country challenge between IDEO's San Francisco and New York offices. Each activity entered moved the tracker ball closer to the closer to the finish line. IDEO NY won, everyone exercised and had fun, and charities won too.


  • The Lawn Gnome Challenge: a month long individual and team challenge. Plus3’s version of the Stanley Cup. The top employee and winning facility each receive the coveted 18” tall lawn gnome. To keep everyone in the game, consider gift cards or other perks for those that meet a participation baseline.


  • March Madness: an eight-week, bracket style, team challenge. CliftonLarsonAllen, a national financial services firm with over 100 offices, challenged its employees during the hectic tax season with a healthy giving tournament. The winning offices earned bonus donations to their favorite charities. Lunch walks and end of day ping pong matches, kept the mood light and fresh during this the busiest time of year.


  • Fall Health League: an eight week, individual and team challenge. LandDesign, an award-winning architectural firm with five offices across the country, challenged its offices to a creative team-based challenge complete with a regular season and playoffs!  Offices at the top of the standings earned bonus donations for their local food bank.


  • Chill Out & Resiliency: a favorite challenge in today’s fast-moving environment. Balancing work and family obligations is stressful for employees and carving out a bit of chill-time can make a big difference! Plus3 also includes health education services such as stress management to complete this well-rounded, wellbeing challenge.


Toggle through the following menu to review what's included in each turnkey challenge, with Just One Thing and Triple Crown offering over 100 'have it your way' options.